Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dukun Pengantin in Javanese Tradition

The Javanese distinguish between several kinds of dukun, such as dukun wiwit (harvest ritual specialist), dukun sunat (circumcisor), dukun bayi (midwife) and dukun pengantin (wedding specialist).  The last of this, the dukun pengantin, is often referred to by  Javanese as perias pengantin (bride dresser). Those who become dukun pengantin are generally, even almost, married, middle-aged women.
Javanese ideas about making up a bride include the notion of intercession with supernatural forces. The dukun pengantin is supposed to be a mediator who is able to communicate with the supernatural forces to ask t...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Semen

Semen or sperm for men is one thing that determines the sex life. In the semen or sperm have millions of sperm that will determine the level of fertility. What kind of healthy semen?For men experience erection and ejaculation are strong with a lot of semen is an enjoyable sex life. Indeed, some people are naturally gifted to produce semen in large numbers. The problem is that not all men produce semen that much because sement production is also strongly influenced by the way of life.But one is for sure, all men are able to increase production of semen ...

Nutrition to Facing Exam Schools

Currently before the exam, the student or students usually have to learn more extras. As important as learning is consistent, the brain also needs proper nutrition for the exam. What is it? Reported by LIVESTRONG, here are some essential nutrients to the brain before the exam schools:


Eggs, nuts, seeds and nuts are the foods rich in protein that the body uses to produce amino acids. Amino acids are precursors (the originator of the formation of a compound) to the neurotransmitter which is a certain brain cells, which help maintain mental acuity and motivation.
Although eggs are generally regarded as a breakfast food, but eggs ...

Protect your brain with Coffee

Apparently, coffee is not always bad for the body. Research on the health effects of coffee are quite a lot. The most recent mention, the coffee could protect your brain from the risk of cancer.
Benefits extraordinary coffee was revealed after the researchers followed the health of 500,000 people of Europe for eight years. Those who drank one and a half cups of coffee a day had a risk of brain cancer is 34 percent lower.
Many people who do not know that coffee is actually rich in ....

Drugs to Reduce HIV Risk was Found

Antiretroviral drugs or drugs commonly used to reduce the amount of virus in HIV patients are now developed to prevent HIV transmission, particularly among gay and bisexual men.
Truvada, a drug, a combination of two types of antiretrovirals. The drug is manufactured by a California pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences. In a trial known that this drug can reduce the risk of HIV transmission by 44 percent.
The study involved about 2,500 men gay or bisexual from Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States. They were randomly assigned to the pill Truvada and the rest received placebo pills. All study participants were also given condoms and counseling about safe sex.
After four years of study, the researchers found that ...

Prevent Cancer with Raw Vegetables

Fortunately for those who like to eat raw vegetables. Many studies conclude that raw vegetables may reduce cancer risk.
The results Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York showed those who ate broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower without cooking at least three times a month, have a reduced risk of bladder cancer by 40% compared with that not running this habit.
The study mentioned above conducted by surveying 275 people who suffer from bladder cancer and 825 people who did not have cancer. As a result, those who do not smoke and eat at least three servings of vegetables, ...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Food During Breastfeeding

Food for Breastfeed

Breastfeeding baby is a gift of infinite owned by a mother. In addition baby nutritional needs, breastfeeding can also attachment or bonding between mother and child emotion. Breastfeeding in principle is a natural process. So a mother is unlikely to fail, or are not able to breastfeed their babies. A lot or a little milk also does not depend on the size of the breast size. The more often you breastfeed your baby, then milk production will continue to rise.However, for optimal breastfeeding should be started from early pregnancy to prepare for and noticed two main things, namely food and breast care.
There should and never take while breastfeeding. When breastfeeding, avoid spicy foods and coconut milks as this may cause digestive disturbances. Avoid vegetables also contain gas, such as cabbage and cauliflower, as it can make certain the baby's stomach bloated. Stop smoking because nicotine is a substance present in tobacco will flow through the breast milk into the baby's body.

You are working after three months leave of absence can still give a minimum of baby milk in the first six months of life. For the mother who must get back to work, there is no reason to not meet these recommendations.
Breastfeeding mothers can still provide a way milks then store in bottles placed in the refrigerator. This process only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Breast milk  can be milked by hand pump or a special milk, how easy and practical.

Maybe you have a question, Shall remove the remaining milk from the breast after feeding? It necessary, because this is done to prepare the nursing process at a later stage. But if the baby is getting enough milk, she doesn't need to spend the rest of milk again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soy Benefits

History of the first notes of soy contained in the Chinese Materia Medica journal, written by the Sheng Nung emperor in 2838 BC. Mentioned that wild soybean plant (Glycine ururiencis) is the first soybean-growing species in the area of Manchuria (mainland China). From China, the soybean plants spread to Japan (6th century) and Europe (17th century). In Indonesia, began to be cultivated soybean plants for food and green manure since the 17th century. Nutrient Content of Soybean is a source of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
The composition of amino acids in soybean is more complete and balanced. Soy is nutritious for the growth and maintain the body's cells. Soy contains high protein and contain less fat. Soy protein is also evidenced at least better than other types of beans. 
Equivalent protein content of animal protein from meat, milk, and eggs. Moreover, 25% fat content in soy composed of unsaturated fatty acid that is free of cholesterol. Unsaturated fatty acids may prevent hardening of the arteries-the arteries (arterio sclerosis). Soy can also help reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and can reduce the risk of heart disease, as has been proven through various studies that show that eating four servings of soy foods per day, levels of LDL in the blood can be reduced by 10%, which means it can reduce the risk of heart disease up to 20%. 
In addition, soybeans are also rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and lecithin. Linoleic and linolenic acid are essential fatty acids from the omega-6 and omega-3, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. While lecithin is a mixture of chemical compounds fosfatida and fatty compounds, which include fosfatidil choline, fosfatidil etanolamin, fosfatidil inositol and other compounds. Lecithin is believed to be his usefulness as a youth drug, increased memory, and enhance endurance. 
Not surprisingly, now lecithin can also be consumed directly in the form of tablets or capsules soft (soft gel). 100 grams of soy that contains: Vitamin A: 110 international units (IU) of Vitamin B: Thiamine: milligrams 1:07 Niacin: 2.3 milligrams of Vitamin C: still in the research Kalisum: being studied in Iron: 8.0 milligrams Phosphorus: 586 milligrams Potassium: 540 milligrams of fat: 1.18 grams Carbohydrates: 34.8 grams Protein: 34.0 grams Calories: 331. http://www.info-sehat.com

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pangandaran Beach in Ciamis

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is one beach in Ciamis regency, precisely in the southern part, which directly borders with Central Java in the east and directly overlooking the Indonesian Ocean in the south. According to google maps, location Pangandaran Beach in 7.42 '14 .22 "S and 108 39'21 .21" T.
Pangandaran beach sloping contoured which makes it suitable for water or beach tourism locations. Pangandaran Beach is affected by the tsunami several months ago has now recovered and re-visited by tourists, both domestic and abroad.
In addition to providing tours visit the sea or maritime forest serves as a tourist. Protected forest known as the Nature Reserve, which is a typical habitat of several animals in Indonesia, particularly typical Pangandaran. Various species of monkeys, deer, and other animals living freely in this nature reserve. Besides animals, various botanical richness also grow and develop freely in this Nature Reserve.
Strategic location denggan sloping beaches and sheltered, making it strategically, particularly in terms of the military. Pangandaran Beach is suitable for the operation of landing troops by sea. Japan occupied Indonesia has ever seen this, and they set up base defenses in Pangandaran Beach. Forts, bunkers, caves also became one of the Japanese heritage of the evidence.
Site history heritage of earlier centuries also exists in this Pangandaran.

Rich tourist attraction in Pangandaran and surrounding areas, contributes significantly to the District Ciamis. Unfortunately, Ciamis regency government presumably less able to provide a maximum of reciprocity. Roads, as the main access into the area of Pangandaran Beach is still minimal, narrow, hollow or bumpy in some places that detract from visitors or even be harmed.
On location, Pangandaran Beach, the arrangement is not visible. Chaotic, disheveled and dirty into the minus of the Coast Pangandaran.Pantai scenery not visible from the highway due to a closed tent merchants.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Reasons to Grow Your Own Organic Garden

During the last decades there has been a change towards mechanization and homogenization of farming, which uses pesticides, additives, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and mass-production techniques. All this is clearly affecting mankind's health, and new diseases are spreading rapidly amongst humans and animals (bird's flu being the most recent one).
The World Health Organization produces reports to show how the use of chemicals and other products on food, coupled with the manufacturing processes involved, are actually a threat for our health.
If you have space for a few pots or even a small piece of land, it is a wise decision to grow your own organic vegetable garden.
  1. You will have no additives in your vegetables. Research by organic food associations has shown that additives in our food can cause heart diseases, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity
  2. Your own organic vegetables will be much more tasty. The use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics make vegetables grow unnaturally and take the taste away from them. With organic vegetables, your cooking will be enhanced as their flavour will show fully.
  3. Your vegetables will not be genetically modified (GM). Antibiotics, drugs and hormones are used on vegetables to grow more and larger ones. One of the consequences of this practice are vegetables which look all the same and are usually tasteless. Besides, we end up consuming the hormones that have been used on the vegetables, with the potential risks for our health.
  4. There will be no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used. These chemical products are applied to obtain crops all the time regardless plagues or weather conditions, and affect the quality of the vegetables. Besides, pesticides are usually poisonous to humans
  5. Eating your own organic vegetables will be much more healthy for you. They will not contain any of the products or chemicals named above, and they will be much more natural than any ones you would find at the supermarket. Your health will not be at risk because you will then know that nothing has been added to your vegetables.
  6. Organic farming is friendly to the environment. Because you won't use pesticides or other equally harming products on your vegetables, you will not damage the soil or the air with the chemical components.
  7. When you grow your own organic vegetables you are contributing to your own self-sustainability and the sustainability of the planet. Small communities have been founded where members exchange products that they grow naturally, thus contributing to create a friendly and better place for us all.
Aeating organic products only means that we do not add anything else to them than they would naturally have. As you can guess, additives, fertilizers, pesticides or hormones are not components of naturally grown food. To better care for your health, grown your own organic vegetables -and a few pots is all you need.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Salt Water for Gums

Healthy gums are pink and hard. If the gums look soft, inflamed, easy bleeding and deep red color, it is likely there has been inflammation (gingivitis).
Gingivitis occurred since the formation of plaque, which is a colorless layer of bacteria and sticky on the teeth. That's why the first step to overcome the gingivitis is to remove plaque. Program long-term oral hygiene is necessary to cure and prevent gingivitis.
There are natural ways to treat pain in the inflamed gums, namely with salt water gargle. "When you gargle with salt water, the swollen area so hypertonic that bacteria in plaque collector will come out," said Prof.drg.Melanie Djamil, from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Trisakti.
However, gargle with salt water is a temporary solution. "If the source of problems is plaque and tartar gangivitis, it still must be cleaned first so that the pain does not come anymore," he said

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best 10 Foods for Men

Men are different from women in all respects - including nutritional needs. Like the women who need certain nutrients during pregnancy or protection from breast cancer, the descendants of Adam also needs special nutrients that help maintain muscle, prevent prostate cancer, and more.
Many foods that tend to be favorites among men, but it is bad for health. Therefore, it never hurts to know 10 types of foods that can fight disease while improving the health of men:

1. Oyster
According to Dave Grotto, RD, a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association, "Research shows that the content of zinc (zinc) in the oyster can protect the body from cell damage that leads to prostate cancer." Moreover, "Zinc also serves on the reproductive system of male sexual including increasing the number of sperm," says Grotto.
However, according to the Grotto, you have to be careful eating raw oysters can be risky due to Vibrio vulnificus infection. In addition, patients with liver disease, diabetes

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tricks to Creat a Stress-Free Family

Is there a family of stress? There are, perhaps you'll answer, which is always filled with family suspicious, jealous of the attention of parents who sided on siblings, the exhausting housework, parents who are overly restrain, and others.
Now you have to have small families themselves, and certainly hope that your childhood is full of noise again. When the researchers looked at 32 families for four consecutive days, they discover what makes a family stress. By itself, it was found also what can make family life a more relaxing and enjoyable walk.

1. Not to divide the household chores
 "Apparently, no matter how unfair this pair share the task," said Tami Kremer-Sadlik researcher, PhD, director of research at the Center on the Everyday Lives of Families at UCLA. His research found that husbands and wives will be happier when they feel are trying to achieve the same goal, regardless of who is working harder (women usually feel that way). Knowing what

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desire for a Boys

Many people want the boys still very strong. Of course this is closely related to socio-cultural conditions and traditions that are still gender-biased society, by placing more men than women in all respects.
In some other developing countries and underdeveloped countries as well, such a desire is very strong. In contrast, in developed countries, the desire to have children with certain sex, especially males, no more. For them, men and women alike, not just a slogan.
Perhaps because of the desire to have children with a particular sex is not important for them in developed countries, does not seem to find new ways of development in this regard.
Sperm Separation
Until now, there are ways that are still a long way already obtained, namely separating the sperm through a special media. With this separation, obtained sperm containing the

Monday, September 6, 2010

Few Tips to Avoid Obesity

You can avoid snacks, fried foods and reject bids that dihantar when breaking the fast together, however, if you sit at your computer 40 hours a week, still can make fat accumulation in the legs.
A study found that 62 percent of employees having problems of obesity or overweight. Nearly half of all respondents are not exercising the last 30 days.
Fortunately, there are a few tips to reduce fat deposits that. Here's how you can travel:
  1. Fat in the morning; Many reports say that breakfast should be filled with carbohydrate foods. But it turns out, a little fat on the breakfast menu can actually help you maintain your body weight. Research that was presented at The Journal of Obesity found

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sex Knowlwdge, G Spot and Sexualities Behavior

Importance of Knowledge
Basic knowledge about sexuality is very important as adults. Among others, so that is not trapped in the myth and mistaken opinions about sex which is very much in circulation, even among doctors.
It has been many studies showing sexual knowledge society, including young people had limited or wrong.
The problem of sexual behavior among young people in particular, has changed, so that a gap between knowledge and behavior. Moreover, in some communities a lot of myths circulating about sex very misleading and harmful, even, not least among the educated, including doctors, who do not realize that the information disclosed to the public about sex really is just a myth, not a truth.

G Spot on 1 / 3 Outer
In women, like men, sex is a sensitive part of the stimulus, particularly the clitoris and G-spot. The clitoris is the female part is actually identical to the penis in men. It is located at the top of the outer genitals, at a meeting between the two big lips. The clitoris can be seen from outside, especially in a state of erection. Sure would be clearer if you look at the picture genital anatomy.
Unlike the clitoris which can be seen from the outside, the G-spot is not visible from the outside because it is located on the front wall of the vagina third exterior. G-spot is not a specific organ such as the clitoris, but an area on the vaginal wall is solid with sensitive nerve endings are very solid.
Like the clitoris, the G-spot stimulation is a sensitive part as well. Both parts are very sensitive to stimuli needed for women in sexual relationships, so that can take place with good and satisfactory. G-spot stimulation can lead to erotic sensation that is felt more strongly than the stimulation to the clitoris.

Male Female Same
Genital hair will grow in both men and women after reaching puberty. Similarly, hair around the anus can grow, both in men and women.
Regarding the stimulation of the genitals or the mouth commonly called oral sex, should only be done if a husband and wife's wishes and feels good for both parties. Of course, both parties must be in good health, not suffering from venereal disease.
In the bond of husband and wife, in fact the couple is free to all variations of sexual activity and sexual relationships, provided that meet the three conditions, namely the desired joint, please both parties, and no bad consequences both physically and psychologically. If variations in sexual activity and sexual relationships to be conducted does not meet these three conditions, it should not be done. For example, only one party wants.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Healthy Washing Equipment

There are several common types of infectious diseases suffered by the community, such as diarrhea, typhoid and dysentery are the majority caused by contaminated drinking water bacterium Escherichia coli, which originates from the feces of humans and animals. In addition to contaminating water or food, these bacteria can also contaminate the utensils that are washed with contaminated well water.
Although, the soap used to wash the dishes can kill bacteria, it turns out if the equipment was rinsed with the water ate the contaminated E. coli, the bacteria can still enter the human body and cause disease.
"Because it should cutlery washed and rinsed with clean water and pollution free," said Dr.Budi Haryanto, MSc, environmental experts from the University of

Friday, September 3, 2010

Designing Births

According to Dr. Judi Januadi Endjun, SPOG, Fetomaternal Subpart Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, choosing the sex of the child to be born is still difficult to succeed 100 percent because the technology is still expensive. A simple way is to wash the sperm to separate X and Y sperm, after a separate, performed artificial insemination.

Kerberhasilan insemination process itself to get a baby just 40 percent, and not cheap. When using IVF technology success to have a baby around 30 percent and costs are also more expensive than insemination.

Sperm separation was carried out by spin (centrifuge) so the sperm fluid X and Y sperm separated. Once separated, the liquid layer containing the Y sperm is taken and then put into a special solution (artificial solution) for a place to live sperm. Subsequently a solution containing Y sperm is inserted into the uterine cavity with a special catheter at the predicted fertile period. When pregnancy occurs, then two weeks after the insemination will get a positive pregnancy test results.

If using IVF technology, then the Y sperm is inserted directly into the bowl containing the egg to be fertilized. After fertilization occurs, then the potential embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity with a special catheter. If successful, then two weeks later will be positive pregnant.

As preparation, you should start taking folic acid tablets three months before pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects.

Personally, you can only surrender and pray to be given the child a healthy, normal, and if allowed children a woman or a boy. You can also do the same.

New Mother Mistakes in Breastfeeding

Not all new mothers breastfeeding can be immediately issued, and this can make the mother became stressed. Inability to breastfeed would be considered a failure to be a mother, even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, should all women can breastfeed. Maybe you are wrong in the study.
1. Separated from the baby after birth
You must be familiar with the program of early initiation of breastfeeding. This program is being intensively conducted to enhance the bonding between mother and child. Unfortunately, there are doctors or nurses who did not care about this program and they will immediately bring the baby to the nursery, so the mother doesn't have an opportunity to recognize their infants.
Unless there are medical reasons that babies should be separated from his mother, keep the baby remains with you. In addition to facilitating the practice of breastfeeding,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mealtime Family : Kids Mealtime

Turn mealtime into a family-friendly. Here are some suggestions:
  • Be patient, don't try to force your children to eat if they refuse to finish their meal. Be persistent by offering a variety of foods along with those you know they like. As new foods become familiar, your children will be more likely to try them.
  • Timing is everything. Try to incorporate nutrition education during other parts of the day. Bring up the issue during story time, play time or television time.
  • Take a look for funny foods looks like. Search in the supermarket for foods that you know kids would enjoy. 
  • Set an example. Make a point to let the kid see you eating and enjoying the same foods you are serving them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


What causes Insomnia?
There are some known causes of insomnia, like chronic pain, restless legs syndrome, nocturnal disturbances, too much coffee, and the like. But, today, mental stress (Worries and tensions) is one of the main culprits for this problem.  If you're stressed only for a few times, you can cope with sleeplessness. But, if you're a chronic worrier, chances are you're an insomniac too.

How it can be cured?
Of course, there are sleeping pills to put you to sleep. But, you know how harmful they can be, if taken in excess. These over-the-counter pills do more harm than good, because of their terrible side effects. However, certain alternative therapies and exercises have proven effective against sleep disorders caused by stress, depression or other psychological factors.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Poisoning

Approximately 76 million cases of food-borne disease occur each year in U.S. recognized food-borne diseases caused by salmonella and campylobacter. Together, these bacteria cause 80 percent of the illnesses and 75 percent of the deaths, associated with Seafood, meat and poultry products.

Aaron Ormond, a microbiologist and director of research at Global Food Technologies, a company that produces technology instrumental to food safety said "...roperly treated seafood and poultry, and a little food safety know-how, consumers can greatly decrease their chances of dangerous food contamination".
  • Check color, odor and texture of the meal
  • Check the package. Be sure to avoid products that have outlived their "sell-by" dates or have dents or tears in their packaging.
  • Avoid cross-contamination. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before and after handling raw meat and seafood.
  • Store at right temperature. When cooking poultry, breasts cooked at 170 degrees, chicken or turkey at 180 degrees.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Healthy Food Start at home

For starters, if you prepare a meal that you know exactly what is going on all the dishes. According to the Alliance for services at affordable prices, review recipes, measure ingredients, and adjust your diet, be sure to eat healthy food.

Most people want out of their money value restaurant. As a result, restaurants that provide more food than your body actually requires. When preparing meals at home allows for a flexible amount of food that is suitable doses and dietary intake of foods to promote weight management and good health.

Another advantage of prepared foods home made the time with family and friends. Your home is an intimate where people can enjoy the other while giving them a major consideration.

For services available for the Alliance is committed to helping members live better and save more. The Association uses the purchasing power of the group is attacking soaring health care costs through health programs, information, advocacy and legal incentives to control medical costs.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yoga and Breath

Yoga and your breathe very relevant. There are not fully experienced the benefits of yoga without learning how to breathe correctly first.

Different types of yoga practice call for different types of breathing, so it's important to note from the outset that there is no right way to breathe in order to yoga. If you practice yoga, your goal is total relaxation then that your breathing should be a reflect. This means a long, deep breaths meant slow the heart rate and allows you to fully represent in the yoga relaxation. Here are some tips:
  • The diaphragm is a place where breath comes in yoga and in everyday life. When you inhale, spray your stomach is small, because the membrane filled with air. When you exhale, your diaphragm flat stomach while you clear off the air. When you inhale, make sure that the stomach moves that you do not restrict movement in any way.
  • It is important to every muscle in the chest, face, neck, relax your shoulders - will also benefit your jaw - from relaxing breath in yoga. One way to do this is to clench the body part in question and then release it completely. You may not realize that your muscles are locked until you try it the contract.
  • Your breaths smooth and easy during your yoga practice keep. Everyone breathes at their natural level, but be aware of your breath does not mean that they control in any way. Observe your breath and relax in your own natural rhythm.
  • Breathing faster, in and out, a natural reaction to stress or excitement. This makes sense, then, that relaxing breath in yoga should accentuate the exhalation. Breathe naturally and make sure that your exhalation longer than inhalation and completely empty your diaphragm and lungs of air.
  • There is a pause between breaths was created, you can relax even further in yoga. No need to rush through your relaxation.
  • When you breathe, feel, visualize the oxygen in the lungs and reaches the bottom, each of the toes and fingers. Let your whole body enjoy a relaxing breath in yoga practice.
If you learn how to breathe, you will find that it comes naturally

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sugar Palm for Health

Sweet foods and beverages for meals is recommended to fast in the early going. But what all sweet foods or beverages does not mean that may be used, especially when the sugar high.

Dr.H.Ari Fahrial SpPD dinner - KGEH, MMB , FINASIM, specialists internaist diseases of stomach and digestive disorders, medical advice, Faculty of Medicine, RSCM, when he call detikHealth, Wednesday said,  many people mistake means breaking fast with 'sweet be interpreted. Eat or drink sweet, the best fast break in was done quickly to restore energy after a day of fasting. But that part of sweet foods or beverages are consumed. In addition to sweet, palm also is a complex carbohydrate that is sugar slowly absorbed by the body.

"Break with sweet but not too much, especially when caused by sugar candy," added the doctor and the chief of advocacy support PAPDI (Indonesian Association of Internaist specialists).

Yes doctor explains that a simple sugar carbohydrate product type, ie, easily broken and blood sugar digestion. As a result, when excess sugar is consumed, the blood sugar in the body height and easy to make people sleepy, lethargic and store fat.

While the sugar of the type of complex carbohydrates like brown rice, corn and wheat. Complex carbohydrates will be broken down or digested more slowly into glucose, so blood sugar will remain stable (not experience high volatility). In addition to complex carbohydrates help the body too much energy metabolism process.

To achieve this goal, yes doctor suggested that diet is not sweet foods or beverages that come in too much sugar, both at the time of iftar, or any food. This is because sweet foods will be the body release insulin rapidly so that cause hunger more quickly, too.

In addition, the function of insulin blood sugar to enter body cells and as an energy source is used. When insulin was released quickly, people feel the energy, but the fast gallop on energy reserves. (detik.com)

Friday, August 27, 2010

TIPS for Your Kid About Eater Behavior

TIP: In the KID. You can have your child help you plan your menu or food preparation. Children tend not to "appear before the nose" at something, the hands are in 

COUNCIL: City boundaries for children. Maybe Kid is playing with his food at dinner, not really interested in eating 

When Kid came later that night to complain that they are hungry. With an understanding tone, just remind you that you will be serving breakfast at 7:00, as usual. Children may be kept on getting something else to eat. It is important to follow up with you put the border. If not, Kid learn that you did not mean what you say and you lose your credibility with him. You May Have several times that it would "serve the breakfast at 07:00," until he realized that he would not give

TIP: PRESS exceptions. Call attention to the time when most of Kid eating his food.  Too often, we see only the negative aspects of the behavior of our children and that we reinforce our negative attention. 

TIP: Kid's fulfilling a desire to be "big." Guess what just might be a Kid's favorite new food? 

TIP: provides a wide selection of lunch time. 

TIP: BE a good role model. 

TIP: exposure. Kid tries to encourage a variety of foods early in life before he knew differently. Some children may never think the dirty hearts if not what other people have set my expectations that it would. 

TIP: to provide flexibility. Let us remember there are some foods that some children could not stomach. Kid, if there is a problem with the spinach, but it is part of the food, try to have other things that she could meet him at one everyone has their part. However, this should be the exception not the rule. 

Try leaving food Kid dip in sauce, ketchup, syrup, or ketchup. This can make them taste better to him. 

TIP: Make the food fun. Try to talk about things that are not eaten at lunchtime. Dinner is a great opportunity to talk about how the day went Kid. During breakfast, you can talk about what everyone had planned that day. 

Everyone is pitching help prepare meals can teach family values Kid important. Bonus for kids is that you can teach them important skills of thinking about time, size, color, comparison, counting, and the causes and consequences. 

Be creative in ways that evoke Kid's food. Mold mashed potatoes on top of the volcano, cut the meat or cut into bite-size sandwiches and a toothpick pierced in it, it seems that the vegetables in the form of letters or numbers, or use one or two drops of food coloring to make it more interesting. 

TIP: LIMIT snack. For children will be hungry enough to eat a meal, usually need to go two or three hours without food. However, it is difficult for children to go to the 12:00 to 6:00 with no food. Nutritious snacks after school should be OK to be a Kid still has the appetite to eat. 

TIP: Recall PAST success. Think back about the time when his Kid eating. What are you doing? Are you a lot of emphasis on the need to eat? What is he doing? What did you eat? What happened before eating? The types of questions that can help you achieve several things that Kid or had already done so to help him to become a better meal. 
Contribute a better translation

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Aromatherapy has been used continues to grow and for good reason. With the perfect combination of mental and physical well-being, there is no better way to benefit from the sense of more to enjoy its aroma massage oil.

different senses of our bodies appear to have a direct impact to them how I feel. For example, the nose is a very sensitive part of the body. Without it, you can not taste or smell. Imagine your favorite foods. Now, imagine you are unable to like them. This is scary, everything that you eat with no taste! How do you think will affect your attitude throughout the day?

Research has shown that part of the nervous system helps to control your emotions are directly related to the nose. Lack of smell can cause symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression is just one of your senses. With the knowledge of how the mind depends on feedback from your senses, the idea of explosive flavors.

One of the most popular type is the aromatic massage oil, to use a different target specific problems. Aromatherapy massage therapy oils unlike other oils. If you need relaxation or something that needs to think to be happy to meet pressing needs. Massage combines two excellent methods to evoke responses in your body in whatever you feel necessary.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What About Toxins in Our Food Can Affect Our Health

Are you careful what you eat? To make sure you drink milk for calcium and vitamins A and D? Did you take the time to make sure that you eat enough fruits and vegetables? Do you eat fish and other lean proteins because you know they must be good for you? Do you take vitamin supplements?

We were told that these things are supposed to good for us. We heard that milk is good for us and that can help us lose weight - something that the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases wounds. Fruits and vegetables provide us with fiber, water, vitamins and minerals. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, good for heart health and our bodies can help to better absorb vitamins and minerals. Vitamin supplements are designed to allow us to these vitamins and minerals to enter into our system - to make for those we do not get into the food we eat.

Although this is true - fruit and vegetables are good for us, like fish and milk, vitamin supplements can help us-the things that is lost on us add voeding - like the fact that many of the foods we eat, we eat more than just the things good for us. We also consume poison.

We are all aware that alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and processed foods full of preservatives and trans fats are not healthy for us. However, many of us are less aware of the ways that healthy food can even get in the way of young lives - our energy levels and keep our bodies healthy.

Do not believe me? Let's start with milk - products such as yogurt and cheese made with milk. Many of us are sensitive to lactose, the sugar found in milk. Lactose is not the only problem is with milk. Because many farmers give their animals growth hormones, the milk we drink these substances. Fruit and vegetables come from companies that often use pesticides, substances that are designed to keep animals and insects from the plants that do not always wash with water when we wash our food.

Think of fish are safe? Yes, protein is good for us, but it has been noted that many fish - including tuna - contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is a toxin that can affect the way we think and feel, creating anxiety and depression. Mercury can also cause headaches, dental problems, irregular heartbeat, weakness, fatigue and even excessive sweating. Vitamin supplements can not always better: vitamins and minerals they contain are not always included in the balance, and, depending on your diet, you may see more of certain vitamins or minerals than is healthy for your body, causing poisoning vitamin.

This poison on the street live young. This makes us feel weak. This gives us a headache, stomachache, and even free radicals in your body are released. Over time, these free radicals work to solve our cell walls, creating the risk of getting cancer, heart disease, stroke and other health problems. To combat free radicals, our bodies need antioxidants like those found in essential oils young life.

Essential oils derived from vegetables and other sources and contains antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Young Life also contains mineral oil and fruit - along with essential oils - that makes it so that taking supplements is a good experience. Not only easy for young people living essential oil in your daily routines, but also something that will not leave nasty taste in your mouth.

Instead, you will find that the young life of oil can be taken with drinks taste great. You will see that increase your energy level - without the same crash and fire that comes from energy drinks (which do not contain stimulants such as sugar only caffeine but also, who have their own toxicity in the body). You also know that you feel better: the immune system function better and you tend not to catch colds, in general, you feel less sluggish.

That does not mean that young lives will eat a balanced diet to replace oil for the taking. Although toxins can be found in our food, still need to eat balanced meals. This is just to say that young living essential oils is a great addition to your diet after you've made an effort to better care for themselves

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nutrition and Body Balance

A lot of experience (and sometimes even experienced) more visitors sport believe that muscles grow while lifting weights!. Lifting weights, but form only a small part of the process of developing muscle. Took place in the development of muscles during sleep at night when the body combines the new cells with nutrients from food. Therefore, nutrition is an important part of the program of bodybuilding.
Points are used nutrients in the daily diet of metabolism, and what is often referred to wear "and tear process." With trunks of bodybuilding, and others stored in the body to create new muscle tissue. Therefore, the nutritional needs and shoots to stay with the request.
Better nutrition bodybuilding comes from a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, adequate vitamins and minerals, fat, and large quantities of water. So, if you're serious about getting lean and ripped it's time to say goodbye to burgers May, cola and other artificial food.The adoption of the diet exploitation fruit, corn, milk, eggs and fresh agricultural products.

How much protein do you need?
The development of your muscles need amino acids to create a new network. Amino acids provide the protein in the diet. There are a lot of debate about the right amount of protein needed in bodybuilding. Warning that extreme, is that the amount of protein in the diet can cause complications in the stomach and kidneys. Recent studies have shown that eating 1 to 1.4 grams of protein per unit weight, which is enough to maintain the process of bodybuilding. This means that the protein needs of 70 kg should be about 70-98 (g) provide an estimate of the amount required in the following account: Chicken, 100 grams of breast 22 grams of protein, and a glass of milk contains 8 grams, eggs, and about 5 g and g 3 slices of bread.
A word of warning before a wave of bodybuilding supplements on the market. Many times, and faced the Declaration, which "earned 20 million pounds of muscle in 3 months flat!". Away from the money hungry advertisers. Building muscle takes time and effort. The use of synthetic products, which alter the natural mechanism to compensate for what should be the real goal of bodybuilding is to keep the body fit and healthy.
Last bodybuilding, and not 'more the better. But the "more accurate and better. Do not be too difficult to eat balanced meals and include a lot of comfort. And all the good things in life, patience, commitment, and balance to ensure your success. With tips in mind, you're ready to pump iron!

Friday, August 13, 2010

ROOT SCAN Kaspersky Internet Security

Jika Anda mengalami gejala-gejala "aneh" dari fungsi dari Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2010(Termasuk versi / rilis terbaru sebagai berikut:1. Masing-masing, Re-Start dibutuhkan waktu yang lama.2. Kis Rootkit Scan terlalu sering berjalan secara otomatis(Dapat dilihat, jika Anda klik kanan ikon KIS di Tugas-Bar ....Rootkit Scan jalan terus, hampir setiap 30menit)
Kis Rootkit Scan, mengenakan terlalu banyak sumber CPU, menyebabkan CPU bekerja begitu keras.KIS tidak menyediakan pilihan untuk mematikan fungsi otomatis Rootkit Scan.

Trick-nya menurut kaspersky forum

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Copy - Paste is the fastest posting for your blog. But, actualy you can trace that similary posting content and known which site that you copy.
Trace your posting and all article on this site so you know which site that have a same post. Just copy your link and paste on "Search for copies of your page on the web" column on copyscape.com and "GO".
now you know which site that most similar.

Try it and smile when your mask was opened...

Monday, June 14, 2010



Pemberitaan tentang beredarnya video porno antara dua figur yang mirip artis papan atas Indonesia dimanfaatkan oleh para praktisi SEO untuk mengejar trafik sebuah situs. Hal ini terbukti dengan berderetnya kurang lebih 10.300.000 situs yang menggunakan kata kunci ariel luna.
Bukti lain adalah berjibunnya situs ataupun blog yang menggunakan berita menghebohkan yang sedang naik daun. Sudut pandang penulisan berbeda-beda tergantung tingkat pemahaman akan kasus bersangkutan dan informasi yang terserap si admin.
Anyway, yang membuat "rame" suatu pemberitaan ternyata bukanlah media internet, tetapi televisi-lah yang menjadi sebuah berita sangat menonjol dan wartawan yang sok "jurnalis sejati", sebab bagaimanapun hebatnya ilmu SEO seorang admin site atau blog, tidak akan pernah dapat mengalahkan media televisi yang lebih mendunia.
Jadi, kepada ahli SEO, untuk bisa jadi lebih hebat lagi adalah bagaimana agar internet lebih mendunia seperti halnya televisi, agar internet bisa sampai ke semua lapisan masyarakat, dan internet tidak hanya dijadikan "front face" sebuah permasalahan dan akhirnya internet dikambing hitamkan sebagai media penyebar pornografi.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Video mesum berdurasi hampir 9 menit menghebohkan Indonesia karena dari sekian banyak video mesum yang bermunculan belakangan, yang menadi "pemeran utamanya" mirip dengan artis Luna Maya dan Ariel yang sedang naik daun. Menjadi sangat heboh karena "pemeran utama" video itu merupakan sosok yang banyak dilihat atau disaksikan oleh orang Indonesia. Mereka menjadi perhatian dan kini menjadi "over" perhatian yang tidak mungkin akan berlanjut ke proses hukum

Dari "kasus" tersebut kita bisa melihat sebuah contoh terwujudnya sebuah istilah "kesempatan dalam kesempitan". Kesempatan yang dimiliki oleh kompetitor, orang yang iri, orang yang perhatian menjadi sangat luas. Di pihak "kesempatan" ini berbagai motivasi bermunculan dan menunjukan sisi asli seseorang (orang Indonesia : Bukan OI-nya Iwan Fals).
Berita tadi pagi (08/06/2010) telah menghancurkan nama dua orang artis kondang, dan menaikan nama lain yang sedang "meredup". Seorang "pengacara selebritis" (entah pengacara atau selebritis) yang mengatasnamakan sebuah LSM kini lebih dikenal karena berani mengadukan "video mesum" dan pemainnya ke POLRI (Kepolisian Republik Indonesia) untuk diusut. Dari nada bicara "pengacara selebritis" tersebut ia hampir yakin (80% barangkali) bahwa Luna Maya dan Ariel merupakan aktor dan artis yang membintangi video mesum tersebut (kayaknya "pengacara selebritis" tersebut sudah menontonnya, entah dapat dari mana). Yang jelas mengedarkan barang yang berbau pornografi merupakan salah satu tindak kejahatan (kecuali dalihnya menyelamatkan barang bukti barang kali).
Itu merupakan salah satu "kesempatan" untuk menaikan nama seseorang, entah itu dari kalangan apapun, asal ia berani tampil di TV dan "loncat" mendahului manuver yang mungkin juga bisa dilakukan orang lain.

Dilain pihak, "kesempitan" mulai menggencet artis Luna Maya dan Ariel, plus keluarga besarnya (jika punya keluarga besar), walaupun di Indonesia "masih" menganut slogan "praduga tak bersalah" tetapi secara moril (entah itu merupakan perbuatan keduanya atau bukan) mereka yang masuk kepada golongan "kesempitan" ini telah "bersalah" dan "hancur berkeping-keping".

Anyway... bagaimanapun juga, seperti apa yang dikatakan Ceu Dedeh (ustadzah yang mengasuh salah satu acara siraman rohani di stasiun tv nasional), kita sebagai makhluk tuhan yang diciptakan sesempurna-sempurnanya sudah seharusnya dapat memilih dan memilah tentang berbagai hal, untuk dijadikan contoh atau cerminan diri kita.

Thursday, June 3, 2010



Easy update for Kaspersky 5, or Kaspersky 6 and Kasepersky 7 without online conection, we can do with download from kaspersky.com site that give you free update line.

* unrar update virus database to My Documents\update kaspersky\
* Open Kaspersky Anti Virus - Update - Setting - Source
* add the address: My Documents\update kaspersky\
* Start Update

For these update (daily, weekly or cumulative), user can access kaspersky.com or here
Kaspersky Internet Security 7 or Kaspersky Anti Virus 7
Kaspersky Internet Security 6 or Kaspersky Anti Virus 6
Kaspersky Internet Security 5 or Kaspersky Anti Virus 5