Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sex Knowlwdge, G Spot and Sexualities Behavior

Importance of Knowledge
Basic knowledge about sexuality is very important as adults. Among others, so that is not trapped in the myth and mistaken opinions about sex which is very much in circulation, even among doctors.
It has been many studies showing sexual knowledge society, including young people had limited or wrong.
The problem of sexual behavior among young people in particular, has changed, so that a gap between knowledge and behavior. Moreover, in some communities a lot of myths circulating about sex very misleading and harmful, even, not least among the educated, including doctors, who do not realize that the information disclosed to the public about sex really is just a myth, not a truth.

G Spot on 1 / 3 Outer
In women, like men, sex is a sensitive part of the stimulus, particularly the clitoris and G-spot. The clitoris is the female part is actually identical to the penis in men. It is located at the top of the outer genitals, at a meeting between the two big lips. The clitoris can be seen from outside, especially in a state of erection. Sure would be clearer if you look at the picture genital anatomy.
Unlike the clitoris which can be seen from the outside, the G-spot is not visible from the outside because it is located on the front wall of the vagina third exterior. G-spot is not a specific organ such as the clitoris, but an area on the vaginal wall is solid with sensitive nerve endings are very solid.
Like the clitoris, the G-spot stimulation is a sensitive part as well. Both parts are very sensitive to stimuli needed for women in sexual relationships, so that can take place with good and satisfactory. G-spot stimulation can lead to erotic sensation that is felt more strongly than the stimulation to the clitoris.

Male Female Same
Genital hair will grow in both men and women after reaching puberty. Similarly, hair around the anus can grow, both in men and women.
Regarding the stimulation of the genitals or the mouth commonly called oral sex, should only be done if a husband and wife's wishes and feels good for both parties. Of course, both parties must be in good health, not suffering from venereal disease.
In the bond of husband and wife, in fact the couple is free to all variations of sexual activity and sexual relationships, provided that meet the three conditions, namely the desired joint, please both parties, and no bad consequences both physically and psychologically. If variations in sexual activity and sexual relationships to be conducted does not meet these three conditions, it should not be done. For example, only one party wants.

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