Friday, September 3, 2010

New Mother Mistakes in Breastfeeding

Not all new mothers breastfeeding can be immediately issued, and this can make the mother became stressed. Inability to breastfeed would be considered a failure to be a mother, even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, should all women can breastfeed. Maybe you are wrong in the study.
1. Separated from the baby after birth
You must be familiar with the program of early initiation of breastfeeding. This program is being intensively conducted to enhance the bonding between mother and child. Unfortunately, there are doctors or nurses who did not care about this program and they will immediately bring the baby to the nursery, so the mother doesn't have an opportunity to recognize their infants.
Unless there are medical reasons that babies should be separated from his mother, keep the baby remains with you. In addition to facilitating the practice of breastfeeding,
early initiation of breastfeeding This program can also increase a baby's immune system.
Once the baby is born, place it above your chest, Warm the body. New baby through an amazing process, and he needed the heartbeat and your voice to feel safe. Before birth, the baby's feeling warm during the 24 hours a day. If you just hold it for 12 hours, meaning jatahnya reduced by half. Try to position your baby at the point of view.

2. Stuck on the wrong side
Baby's mouth should open wide so he does not just suck the nipples, but also the areola of your breast. If the baby is not attached properly, it will not get all the milk he needs and you will complain your nipples sore. Tickle baby's lips and mouth with your nipple, so baby open his mouth wider, then move him onto the breast quickly.

3. stress when breastfeeding is not going well
Not every mother will immediately remove the milk. Some women have to learn it first, so was the baby. So do not jump into stress.
Baby you want to calm down, take a breath deeply and slowly. When the baby is restless, you should calm down. He's just frustrated. The more you are calm, the easier it is to calm him down too.

4. Finding the right position for breastfeeding
No need to learn to breastfeed. What is important, you feel comfortable, then put the baby on your chest, her head under your chin, and his stomach on top of your stomach. Baby will move itself to the breast.

5. No support
You may often hear scary stories about childbirth and breastfeeding. If you are always surrounded by fear seek positive support. If you do not have close friends or family who have a good breastfeeding experience, look for a new mother community.

6. Making a baby feeding schedule
Babies have needs, not wants, it means the baby will want to nurse when hungry.

7. Giving milk bottles or pacifiers too soon
Because her husband wanted to feel provide milk for the baby, or you need to relax with your friends, make sure that breastfeeding was going well before introducing the baby to the artificial nipple.

8. Stopped breastfeeding because they have to work again
All the mother would leave her baby weight, but do not give up with this challenge. Talking with the boss would be very helpful.

9. Not confident
The biggest mistake is always doubted myself about the decision to breastfeed. This will cause a bad experience, such as restless and exhausted mothers, and babies crying without knowing why.

10. Too rapid weaning
Any amount of breast milk, it gives benefits to you and your baby. When it was time to wean, you'll know yourself and let it happen naturally.

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