Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sugar Palm for Health

Sweet foods and beverages for meals is recommended to fast in the early going. But what all sweet foods or beverages does not mean that may be used, especially when the sugar high.

Dr.H.Ari Fahrial SpPD dinner - KGEH, MMB , FINASIM, specialists internaist diseases of stomach and digestive disorders, medical advice, Faculty of Medicine, RSCM, when he call detikHealth, Wednesday said,  many people mistake means breaking fast with 'sweet be interpreted. Eat or drink sweet, the best fast break in was done quickly to restore energy after a day of fasting. But that part of sweet foods or beverages are consumed. In addition to sweet, palm also is a complex carbohydrate that is sugar slowly absorbed by the body.

"Break with sweet but not too much, especially when caused by sugar candy," added the doctor and the chief of advocacy support PAPDI (Indonesian Association of Internaist specialists).

Yes doctor explains that a simple sugar carbohydrate product type, ie, easily broken and blood sugar digestion. As a result, when excess sugar is consumed, the blood sugar in the body height and easy to make people sleepy, lethargic and store fat.

While the sugar of the type of complex carbohydrates like brown rice, corn and wheat. Complex carbohydrates will be broken down or digested more slowly into glucose, so blood sugar will remain stable (not experience high volatility). In addition to complex carbohydrates help the body too much energy metabolism process.

To achieve this goal, yes doctor suggested that diet is not sweet foods or beverages that come in too much sugar, both at the time of iftar, or any food. This is because sweet foods will be the body release insulin rapidly so that cause hunger more quickly, too.

In addition, the function of insulin blood sugar to enter body cells and as an energy source is used. When insulin was released quickly, people feel the energy, but the fast gallop on energy reserves. (

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