Thursday, March 8, 2012


(Folk  Tale from West Java)

Once upon a time, in Sunda – West Java, living a Princes named Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi had a son named Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang really liked hunting in the jungle and always asked his dog, Tumang, to accompany him to go hunting. Actually Tumang was an incarnation of god and a father of Sangkuriang.
One day, As usual Sangkuriang went hunting in the jungle. There he saw a bird in the tree and soon shot the bird. The shot was right on target but the bird flew. Sangkuriang ordered Tumang to run after it, but Tumang didn’t want to do it. Sangkuriang ordered a few time and Tumang kept doing nothing. Sangkuriang got angry. He beat Tumang and drove it away.
A soon as Sangkuriang arrived at home, he told it his mother.
His mother was angry because Sangkuriang had driven Tumang away. Then, Dayang Sumbi beat Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang did not like his mother treatment and decided to go from the house.
After that incident, Dayang Sumbi felt regrets. She prayed to God that one day she would meet her son again. Every night and everyday she prayed and prayed. Because she prayed diligently, God gave her an eternal beauty and young forever.
After leaving his village for a long time, Sangkuriang went back to his village. He was surprised because his village had changed a lot. He become more surprising and happier when he met a beautiful girl in the village, Dayang Sumbi, which was also his mother.
Sangkuriang proposed her and Dayang Sumbi agreed with his proposal. They planned to get married soon.
One Dayang Sumbi saw scar in Sangkuriang’s head. She ask him about the scar and Sangkuriang told about it. Dayang Sumbi surprised because Sangkuriang was her son that had left her for a long time. It was impossible for getting married with her own son.

One day Dayang Sumbi was confused. She asked Sangkuring to cancel their marriage plan but Sangkuriang didn’t agree with it.
Finally, Dayang Sumbi proposed two requirement of Sangkuriang wanted to keep getting married with her. First, he had to damn Citarum river and second, he had to make a canoed to across the river. Both had to be finished before dawn.
Sangkuriang agreed with both requirements and promised to finish them before down.
With his power and helped by his friends and jin, he did the two job and almost finished them.
Dayang Sumbi silently saw Sangkuriang’s job and was surprised because he almost finished them. Because she didn’t want Sangkuriang finished before dawn, she asked for people’s help to hold silk cloth in the east of the village.
When Sangkuriang saw the red color in the east of village, he thought that he failed. He was upset and break the dam. The water of the dam flew to the village. The village was flooded and drowns. He also kicked the big canoe and the big canoe changed into a mountain called Tangkuban Perahu. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

games online - Star Wars : The Old Republic by EA

Star Wars : The Old Republic by EA
Electronic Arts (EA), the famous online game manufacturers launch  limited new game, "Star Wars: The Old Republic". This is caused the EA (Electronic Arts) server's ability  that have not been able to handle much the number of online game players to maintain the capability of the graphics in the game "Star Wars: The Old Republic".
EA waiting for the right time to launch online games Star Wars: The Old Republic pending the upgrade of the server to be able to handle increased gamers who play with the graphic quality of the display.
As online games maker EA level, it is actually not a difficult thing, but with the current server capabilities and needs a new graphics of the game launched, it alarmed the EA that the server will not be able to handle increased gamers while maintaining the quality of graphics. Very unfortunate.

allowance for world cup: Indonesia vs Palestinian

Indonesian Football Team
Indonesia national football team won a match against the Palestinian National Team through goals are nested Indonesian players to the goal of Palestine in the second half.
The second half in a match held in Solo, Indonesia was a decisive victory red and white team. After the Palestinians managed to enter the ball into the Indonesia
goal, Indonesia team growth and after a while the goal was unrequited, and within not too long, some goals may eventually nested Team Indonesia to goalkeeper Tim Palestina.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pyramid in Indonesia? Fact or duping

In time backward rumors of a foundation that is engaged in the preservation of different cultural heritage and archeology. Turangga Seta, that's the name of the foundation that is active in conducting research to the site of a symmetrical stone building that resembles the famous pyramids in Egypt Region.
Sadahurip Hill, Garut, Indonesia
Turangga Seta do some research using Georadar method to investigate the density of rock beneath the soil surface. Some mountain areas in West Java became the focus of the investigation. this is based on several reasons including the physical form of a mountain or hill that visually resembles a pyramid has a symmetrical shape. Apart from the visual form, also supported the search results a few archaeological sites around the mountains and the site search from multiple locations.
Lalakon mountain in ​​Bandung and Mount Sadahurip in Garut is part of the mountain / hill that investigated using georadar and the results are quite surprising to some, is no exception of high officials at the State Palace, Jakarta.
Excavation to get a sample has also been done at some point in the mountain regions concerned. At a depth about 4 meters below the ground surface was found a kind of symmetrical form of pyramid-shaped lid that allegedly is the peak of the pyramid.

From some posts on Turangga Seta, and written in rough conclusion can be drawn that there is man-made structure buried deep in the mountains that became the focus of the research Turangga Seta. Government of Indonesia is expected to be willing and able to support the youth of the nation to reveal the truth of the various research that has been done of the nation, it is not enough to just chattered and boasted with nithing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Top Artist Produce Their Albums

Rebecca Black - My Moment : how great artist produce their albums

Rebecca Black was born on June 21, 1997, in Anaheim, California. She is the daughter of John Jeffery Black and Georgina Marquez Kelly, both veterinarians, and is of Spanish, Italian, Polish, and English descent. An honor student, Black studied dance, auditioned for school shows, attended music summer camps, and began singing publicly in 2008 after joining the patriotic group Celebration USA.

 in studio

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