Sunday, May 29, 2011

AllNewsFree: 10 Parent Advice For Beauty

10 Parent Advice For Beauty
Sometimes we feel bad by parents nagging, even though we know that means not to bad. However, it helps us better follow their advice, because some of them could actually help us maintain the beauty.

1. "Do not eat too much instant noodles!"
A variety of instant products and fast food has the potential to make the body produce more insulin. Insulin trigger androgen to produce more oil. As a result, the face became more easy breakouts.

2. "Do not pout!"
Apart from unsightly, pouting (including squinting when watching television or while working at the computer), can make the skin around the forehead and wrinkled mouth so much faster look older.

3. "Do not smoke!"
You must already know the bad effects of smoking to the lungs. But cigarettes also proven to speed up the aging of the skin, and make the skin become more dull color.

4. "Hair shouldn’t cover the face!"
Sometimes we are lazy tidy haircut so there's always a fringe or lock of hair falling into his face, covering his eyes. Pieces like this are usually banned in school because they interfere with vision, but if  the hair touching the face can make blemish-prone skin. Scalp and hair is one part of the body that holds a lot of oil.

5. "Do not bite nails!"
Besides disgusting, nails are usually will not grow well. The shape is bad on the eyes, nails become brittle and break easily, and you can more easily become infected.

6. "Do not stay up!" 
(sleep enough)
The term "beauty sleep" appears as getting enough sleep can make us more beautiful. When we sleep, the body's cells replace damaged cells to work that day. If we do not sleep, the process of cell replacement is distracted. In addition, lack of sleep can make a depressed body and trigger acne.

7. "Sitting is sweet!"

As a woman, from childhood we are taught to sit down with the sweet, and do not cross your legs. Habits crossed feet (one foot propped on other), it can cause varicose veins. If you have a long sit on a chair and began to feel sore, crossed the legs at the ankles, not at the knee.

8. "Do not phone too long!"
Leaving your cheeks touch the phone (or landline) for too long, can cause acne. Not only because many bacteria are attached to the phone, but also because other factors such as friction and heat.

9. "Wash yours face first before bed!"

During sleep, our body temperature rises, and the skin will more easily absorb whatever is on the surface. If that is on the surface of our face is oil, dust, and the rest of cosmetics, what will happen on the skin? Wash your face and let the skin absorb the cream night during our sleep.

10. "Do not be rubbed his eyes!"
This habit can make blood vessels near the eye to rupture. Consequently, in the whites of the eye will appear red mark that can not be removed except by a laser. In addition, too often rubbed his

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), plant foods offer a protective effect against various cancers, such as stomach cancer, esophagus (throat), large intestine (colon), rectum, pancreas, liver, ovarian, endometrial and prostate gland.
The experts stated that a person suffering from cancer should focus on healthy foods that are high in protein and calories to provide energy. During cancer treatment that includes procedures such as radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, it is important to maintain energy and healthy immune system to fight disease.

1. Avocado
The fruit is rich in glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that attacks free radicals in the body by blocking the absorption of certain fat. Avocados also provide potassium (more than bananas), and is a strong source of beta-carotene.

2. Carrots
Research has found that falcarinol, fatty alcohol, found in carrots may reduce cancer risk. In addition, the beta carotene in carrots helps reduce the risk of various cancers including lung, mouth, throat, stomach, intestines, bladder, prostate and breast. According to researchers at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Dias), cancer cells are isolated grow more slowly when exposed to falcarinol.

3. Chili
These vegetables contain a chemical called capsaicin that can neutralize certain cancer-causing substances (nitrosamines) and may help prevent stomach cancer.

4. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that is known for anti-cancer. Recent studies have shown that increased consumption of lycopene may help reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate, pancreatic and colorectal cancers. One study at Harvard University found that men who ate tomatoes twice a week can reduce prostate cancer risk 3-fold compared to men who do not eat tomatoes.

5. Soy Products

It is a nutrient-rich foods, especially some types of phytoestrogens that may help prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer by blocking and pressing changes in cancer.

6. Turmeric
Turmeric contains curcumin, which is the main ingredient in Indian cuisine. Curcumin is a potential cancer fighter. Research has shown that it can suppress transformation, proliferation and invasion of cancer cells.

7. Wine
Grapes contain bioflavonoids, powerful antioxidants that work as a cancer preventive. Wine is also a rich source of resveratrol, a natural phenol that inhibits an enzyme that can stimulate cancer cell growth and suppress immune response.

8. Berri Fruit
These fruits are rich in ellagic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants that help in preventing the growth of cancer cells. Studies at Ohio State University showed that the diet of animals that are equipped with black raspberries decreased 60 percent in esophageal tumors and up to 80 percent reduction in colon tumors.

9. Green tea
Green tea is rich in polyphenols that are known to prevent cancer cells. According to a report in the July 2001 edition of the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, abundant polyphenol in green tea, red wine and olive oil can protect against various cancers.