Monday, September 6, 2010

Few Tips to Avoid Obesity

You can avoid snacks, fried foods and reject bids that dihantar when breaking the fast together, however, if you sit at your computer 40 hours a week, still can make fat accumulation in the legs.
A study found that 62 percent of employees having problems of obesity or overweight. Nearly half of all respondents are not exercising the last 30 days.
Fortunately, there are a few tips to reduce fat deposits that. Here's how you can travel:
  1. Fat in the morning; Many reports say that breakfast should be filled with carbohydrate foods. But it turns out, a little fat on the breakfast menu can actually help you maintain your body weight. Research that was presented at The Journal of Obesity found

    that eating fat and protein experiments on the breakfast menu was able to maintain normal metabolism throughout the day. While the breakfast only consume large amounts of carbohydrates in the morning just added weight. But this does not mean you should consume large amounts of fried meat. Eggs are a good source of protein and fat. Those who had breakfast with eggs lost 65 percent of his body weight than those who eat bread and a decrease in waist circumference as many as 83 percent. Try to mix 3 egg whites with one whole egg to get a little fat with no cholesterol.
  2. Move; Study of Psychology and Health that was launched in 2009 found that those who experienced a high stress tend to pass through exercise session. Try to exercise at night if you have trouble getting up in the morning.
  3. Scheduled snacks; If you're hungry, you will be compulsive and tend to choose the wrong foods. Do not let that happen. Give intake to the stomach by providing snacks that no more than 100 calories every 3-4 hours. Make sure snacks are rich in protein and fiber. Give the schedule for these snacks. Try to choose snacks such as almonds, low-calorie chocolate bar (eat half in the first session, the other half in the following session), or fruit and vegetables (apples and carrots).
  4. Do not sit often; American Journal of Epidemiology found that the longer it sits higher the rating of obesity and death. Try to walk or stand for 5 minutes every one hour, suggestions Pilates trainer, Kristin McGee. You are biased pairs of timers in the computer monitor to die so you will not forget. Select the route furthest to go to the bathroom, try using the stairs instead of using elevators.
  5. Focus on your food; Eating lunch at your office desk will indeed impressive that you will be able to save time and finish more work. However, this habit can actually make you want to eat more. Study says eating fast can lead to excessive consumption. Basically, the brain does not get enough time to recognize the signs that the stomach is full. So, try to eat outside of your cubicle, and eat slowly. Already proven that the more slowly you eat, the more satisfied you are at the end of the meal.
  6. Playing with body; Studies from the Mayo Clinic says, those who like to move even though his movement was not important, can burn 350 calories per day. Try moving your feet moving, rocking with seats that can rotate, or twist.
  7. Dinner at the right time; When you are required to work overtime, would be very tempting to skip dinner time in order to get home faster. In fact, the longer you wait to eat, the higher the chances are you consume food that is not good (the origin may be). Keep foods that are low sodium and high in protein at the office fridge so I could eat before going home.
  8. Reduce stress after work; Job stress is difficult to avoid, therefore, try to calm myself when I got home. Stress causes us to want to eat sweet things. Because sugar reducing stress hormone levels. Try turning off your phone and set up time for relaxation when it's outside business hours. Spoiling rigid by going to a salon to get a manicure or massage, yoga classes, or walking around the block of your house can be done to reduce the pressure.
  9. Sleep early; Forty-seven percent of men reported lack of sleep due to stress. Sleep time of less than four hours for several consecutive days can slow down your metabolism. So, try to adjust your sleep time each night.


  1. It is interesting to note that we usually eat like our parents eat. This is simply because it was our parents who first cooked for us and they were in the habit in preparation for the type of food that their parents did for them. You can see that any hereditary link to the emphasis we put on, is almost certainly down to the food we are used to eat ..

  2. actualy yes... but, i think we could be try for our health, firstly what we eat... and then our behavior. thx.