Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nutrition and Body Balance

A lot of experience (and sometimes even experienced) more visitors sport believe that muscles grow while lifting weights!. Lifting weights, but form only a small part of the process of developing muscle. Took place in the development of muscles during sleep at night when the body combines the new cells with nutrients from food. Therefore, nutrition is an important part of the program of bodybuilding.
Points are used nutrients in the daily diet of metabolism, and what is often referred to wear "and tear process." With trunks of bodybuilding, and others stored in the body to create new muscle tissue. Therefore, the nutritional needs and shoots to stay with the request.
Better nutrition bodybuilding comes from a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, adequate vitamins and minerals, fat, and large quantities of water. So, if you're serious about getting lean and ripped it's time to say goodbye to burgers May, cola and other artificial food.The adoption of the diet exploitation fruit, corn, milk, eggs and fresh agricultural products.

How much protein do you need?
The development of your muscles need amino acids to create a new network. Amino acids provide the protein in the diet. There are a lot of debate about the right amount of protein needed in bodybuilding. Warning that extreme, is that the amount of protein in the diet can cause complications in the stomach and kidneys. Recent studies have shown that eating 1 to 1.4 grams of protein per unit weight, which is enough to maintain the process of bodybuilding. This means that the protein needs of 70 kg should be about 70-98 (g) provide an estimate of the amount required in the following account: Chicken, 100 grams of breast 22 grams of protein, and a glass of milk contains 8 grams, eggs, and about 5 g and g 3 slices of bread.
A word of warning before a wave of bodybuilding supplements on the market. Many times, and faced the Declaration, which "earned 20 million pounds of muscle in 3 months flat!". Away from the money hungry advertisers. Building muscle takes time and effort. The use of synthetic products, which alter the natural mechanism to compensate for what should be the real goal of bodybuilding is to keep the body fit and healthy.
Last bodybuilding, and not 'more the better. But the "more accurate and better. Do not be too difficult to eat balanced meals and include a lot of comfort. And all the good things in life, patience, commitment, and balance to ensure your success. With tips in mind, you're ready to pump iron!

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