Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tricks to Creat a Stress-Free Family

Is there a family of stress? There are, perhaps you'll answer, which is always filled with family suspicious, jealous of the attention of parents who sided on siblings, the exhausting housework, parents who are overly restrain, and others.
Now you have to have small families themselves, and certainly hope that your childhood is full of noise again. When the researchers looked at 32 families for four consecutive days, they discover what makes a family stress. By itself, it was found also what can make family life a more relaxing and enjoyable walk.

1. Not to divide the household chores
 "Apparently, no matter how unfair this pair share the task," said Tami Kremer-Sadlik researcher, PhD, director of research at the Center on the Everyday Lives of Families at UCLA. His research found that husbands and wives will be happier when they feel are trying to achieve the same goal, regardless of who is working harder (women usually feel that way). Knowing what
your mission is both to the family could get rid of far-away conflict by distributing these tasks.

2. Has a moment of togetherness
"Perhaps many of us who think that we need to create an atmosphere of togetherness that excited, but very few families have the opportunity to touch all day," said Kremer-Sadlik. He recalled an incident where the mother and daughter was folding the clothes are dry. The girl then put socks on her feet, then asked her mother to guess where his leg in a pile of clothes were. "It's very exciting moment, laughing and playing on the sidelines of everyday activities."

3. Parents become role models, not friends of the child
Many parents who aspire to position ourselves as a friend to his son, so there is no distance between them. This is great, but do not get too far. Appreciating the couple is not only good for a marriage relationship, but also influence the overall family dynamics. "When the couple showed patience and support, and not impatient, cynical, or happy to criticize, children will be more appreciative of her parents, and increasingly luweslah life of the household," said Kremer-Sadlik again. "Their goal that day, such as dinner or completing homework, will run more smoothly and fun."

4. Mother cooking with kids
According to Margaret Beck, a researcher who is also a 39-year-old mother, taking advantage of packaged food to feed the entire family does not mean it will save time. "The average family will need one hour to prepare a meal, whether it's with food packaging or ingredients that are fresh," he said. If you want your child to always eat what's provided, let them cook together. Children who helps her mother prepare the food always spend what was given.

5. Mother had a "me-time" during the five minutes
There are tricks to enjoy time with his family after a hard day at the office. "Our findings show that when women are not to be disturbed for 50-10 minutes, it will bring a positive influence throughout the remaining days," said researcher Wang Shu-wen, who helped analyze the duration of 1540 hours of recordings of research.

6. Watch TV together
Do not feel guilty if the kids always seemed absorbed in watching television, rather than doing something more useful. Accompany them to watch. "Families who watch TV with shows a lot of attachment behavior," said Campos. So, if an when you've run out of energy to take the kids for a walk, watch a movie together at home is also good for family harmony. Do not forget, choose a quality film that can be watched by the whole family.

7. Perform routine daily ritual
Wang said he believed that the spontaneity and excitement can glue their family relationships. But to form a strong foundation, the more important those two things are done routinely and continuously. "For some couples set aside time to sit back while drinking coffee, or your parents read fairy tales to the kids before bedtime, these small moments make family life very comfortable and closer," he said.

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