Friday, March 25, 2011

Allnewsfree: 10 Foods for Intelligent Child

Research shows, a lack of minerals and vitamins that are important to the brain can reduce mental alertness of the brain. A diet in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, combined with meat and fish provide for major minerals and vitamins needed for physical and mental health.

Here are 10 foods recommended by Dr. Saridian Satrix W, SpGK to stimulate the growth of brain cells, improve function, improve memory and concentration and thinking of children:

1. Salmon
Salmon is the best source of omega 3-fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are both essential for growth and development of brain function. The new research also showed that people who earn more fatty acid intake has a sharper mind and get satisfying results in test capability. Omega-3 fatty acid content per 100 grams of fish for salmon is 2.2 grams.

2. Eggs
Eggs are known as an important source of protein . Yolk have a lot of choline, that can help the development of memory. The content of choline ...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Allnewsfree : 3 Benefits of Soy For Beauty

The doctors also agreed that soy good for bone density, maintain weight and treat various diseases. Good news for every women that soy beans can be used as a beauty treatment. Soybean believed good for skin and hair.
What are the benefits? As quoted fashionihub, here are the benefits of soy for beauty.

Moisturize skin
Soybean is the best moisturizer for combination skin. Can moisten the parts are dry skin, as well as erode the excess oil on oily skin. In addition, soy also able to diminish signs of aging such as skin discoloration, dark spots, fine lines and even handcuffs.
Aging makes the loss of estrogen that act to maintain skin elasticity. Soy contains phytoestrogens to help the body produce more estrogen which can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Soy also contains E vitamin that can get rid of dead skin cells and forming new skin cells, thus making the face look younger and radiant.
To moisturize the skin, the way to destroy the soybeans that have added a little water, then apply on face and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment can be used three times a week.

Strengthens nails
Soy is good for brittle nails. Eating soy regularly over six months will make your nails strong and shiny. Soybeans are also able to moisturize your nails. In addition, soybean is also known to treat nail fungus infection. Simply dip the nail in soy sauce and you are free from fungus.

Hair shine
Soybeans can also be used as hair care products. Soybeans benefit is also make hair smooth, soft and shiny. You do this by applying a soy bean juice on the hair. Do this treatment for three months to see the desired results.