Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pangandaran Beach in Ciamis

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is one beach in Ciamis regency, precisely in the southern part, which directly borders with Central Java in the east and directly overlooking the Indonesian Ocean in the south. According to google maps, location Pangandaran Beach in 7.42 '14 .22 "S and 108 39'21 .21" T.
Pangandaran beach sloping contoured which makes it suitable for water or beach tourism locations. Pangandaran Beach is affected by the tsunami several months ago has now recovered and re-visited by tourists, both domestic and abroad.
In addition to providing tours visit the sea or maritime forest serves as a tourist. Protected forest known as the Nature Reserve, which is a typical habitat of several animals in Indonesia, particularly typical Pangandaran. Various species of monkeys, deer, and other animals living freely in this nature reserve. Besides animals, various botanical richness also grow and develop freely in this Nature Reserve.
Strategic location denggan sloping beaches and sheltered, making it strategically, particularly in terms of the military. Pangandaran Beach is suitable for the operation of landing troops by sea. Japan occupied Indonesia has ever seen this, and they set up base defenses in Pangandaran Beach. Forts, bunkers, caves also became one of the Japanese heritage of the evidence.
Site history heritage of earlier centuries also exists in this Pangandaran.

Rich tourist attraction in Pangandaran and surrounding areas, contributes significantly to the District Ciamis. Unfortunately, Ciamis regency government presumably less able to provide a maximum of reciprocity. Roads, as the main access into the area of Pangandaran Beach is still minimal, narrow, hollow or bumpy in some places that detract from visitors or even be harmed.
On location, Pangandaran Beach, the arrangement is not visible. Chaotic, disheveled and dirty into the minus of the Coast Pangandaran.Pantai scenery not visible from the highway due to a closed tent merchants.

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  1. i think... we all know about coruption in this district (Ciamis), soo it's realy reasonable if facilty to Pangandaran beach was poor