Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dukun Pengantin in Javanese Tradition

The Javanese distinguish between several kinds of dukun, such as dukun wiwit (harvest ritual specialist), dukun sunat (circumcisor), dukun bayi (midwife) and dukun pengantin (wedding specialist).  The last of this, the dukun pengantin, is often referred to by  Javanese as perias pengantin (bride dresser). Those who become dukun pengantin are generally, even almost, married, middle-aged women.
Javanese ideas about making up a bride include the notion of intercession with supernatural forces. The dukun pengantin is supposed to be a mediator who is able to communicate with the supernatural forces to ask t...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Semen

Semen or sperm for men is one thing that determines the sex life. In the semen or sperm have millions of sperm that will determine the level of fertility. What kind of healthy semen?For men experience erection and ejaculation are strong with a lot of semen is an enjoyable sex life. Indeed, some people are naturally gifted to produce semen in large numbers. The problem is that not all men produce semen that much because sement production is also strongly influenced by the way of life.But one is for sure, all men are able to increase production of semen ...

Nutrition to Facing Exam Schools

Currently before the exam, the student or students usually have to learn more extras. As important as learning is consistent, the brain also needs proper nutrition for the exam. What is it? Reported by LIVESTRONG, here are some essential nutrients to the brain before the exam schools:


Eggs, nuts, seeds and nuts are the foods rich in protein that the body uses to produce amino acids. Amino acids are precursors (the originator of the formation of a compound) to the neurotransmitter which is a certain brain cells, which help maintain mental acuity and motivation.
Although eggs are generally regarded as a breakfast food, but eggs ...

Protect your brain with Coffee

Apparently, coffee is not always bad for the body. Research on the health effects of coffee are quite a lot. The most recent mention, the coffee could protect your brain from the risk of cancer.
Benefits extraordinary coffee was revealed after the researchers followed the health of 500,000 people of Europe for eight years. Those who drank one and a half cups of coffee a day had a risk of brain cancer is 34 percent lower.
Many people who do not know that coffee is actually rich in ....

Drugs to Reduce HIV Risk was Found

Antiretroviral drugs or drugs commonly used to reduce the amount of virus in HIV patients are now developed to prevent HIV transmission, particularly among gay and bisexual men.
Truvada, a drug, a combination of two types of antiretrovirals. The drug is manufactured by a California pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences. In a trial known that this drug can reduce the risk of HIV transmission by 44 percent.
The study involved about 2,500 men gay or bisexual from Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States. They were randomly assigned to the pill Truvada and the rest received placebo pills. All study participants were also given condoms and counseling about safe sex.
After four years of study, the researchers found that ...

Prevent Cancer with Raw Vegetables

Fortunately for those who like to eat raw vegetables. Many studies conclude that raw vegetables may reduce cancer risk.
The results Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York showed those who ate broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower without cooking at least three times a month, have a reduced risk of bladder cancer by 40% compared with that not running this habit.
The study mentioned above conducted by surveying 275 people who suffer from bladder cancer and 825 people who did not have cancer. As a result, those who do not smoke and eat at least three servings of vegetables, ...

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