Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Semen

Semen or sperm for men is one thing that determines the sex life. In the semen or sperm have millions of sperm that will determine the level of fertility. What kind of healthy semen?For men experience erection and ejaculation are strong with a lot of semen is an enjoyable sex life. Indeed, some people are naturally gifted to produce semen in large numbers. The problem is that not all men produce semen that much because sement production is also strongly influenced by the way of life.But one is for sure, all men are able to increase production of semen ... is a lot to enjoy a strong ejaculation. One way to do a healthy living habits.
As reported by and, no signs to see whether a man's semen into the normal category or not, namely:
  1. Semen or semen of healthy usually white or gray, sometimes yellowish. If semen pink or red it means there is a serious problem you should ask your doctor because the sign contains blood which will be diagnosed with a doctor.
  2. When ejaculation semen fluid to form a sticky like jelly. If too thin can cause fertility problems.
  3. The average normal volume of semen produced at ejaculation is 2-5 ml (half to 1 tablespoon of the size of England). The volume of semen becomes problematic if less than 1.5 ml of the so-called hypospermia which makes a dry ejaculation. Meanwhile, if the amount of cement is more than 6 ml on an ongoing basis, the condition is called hyperspermia. 
  4. In each 1 ml of semen there should have 20 million sperm. Or at least the number of sperm for infertile men is 40 million sperm with 75 percent must live.
  5. From the number of sperm that live before, then 25 percent should be able to swim rapidly toward the egg. And 30 percent had normal shaped perfect alias.
Normal number of sperm that is great for men's health because it can:1. Improving the quality of sperm2. Increase libido.3. Produce healthy offspring lot.4. Rejuvenate your body5. Look youthful.6. Gives energy and strength to the body.7. Build immunity to disease.So keep the volume of semen was normal and healthy by doing things like avoid smoking, alcohol consumption. Avoiding things that can trigger testis as hot as its frequency of wearing tight pants, too long sitting. Increasing circulation in the body by eating healthy and exercise.

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