Thursday, July 16, 2009


there is no chance for newbie blogger in google

Today, there is no chances for newbie blogger for grow up in they money in Google AdSense. Last month, Google AdSense had a new term for his membership.
Main point, there's two aspect that could kick out the newbie blogger. First, all member of google AdSense must be payment site, there is no more blogger ( or wordpresser ( become Google AdSense member. It mean, Google AdSense only for payment domain (.com, .net, .biz, etc.).
Second, there is restricted for site before six month age. It's mean, if we build our site now, we just could be Google AdSense for next six month, and newbie? No, way for Google AdSense.

Google assumed, there is new blog or site today, a lot, with offhanded content. Google need excelent quality for site content. It could be mean that Google AdSense didn't need quantity of the member, but quality is the first.

So, blogger, change your direction of your blog, just write for fun in blog, not for money. Unless, you use more affiliate and advertisement outside of Google.


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