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Asian Breast
Definition of Breast infections
Breast infections are infections that occur in breast tissue. Breast infection is a rare complaint in the clinic and is more common in lactating women. Breast infections often cause inflammation in the breast called mastitis

Mastitis is caused by:
  • Not suckle adequately
  • Nipple scratched and then germs get scuffed so easily become swollen in breasts
  • Brassiere is too tight
  • Poor maternal diet, lack of rest, anemia → infectious
  • Breast milk line blockage

Patofisologi of Breast infections
After the baby is born and the placenta came out, estrogen and progesterone levels fall within 2-3 days. With this factor from the hypothalamus which inhibit prolactin during pregnancy, and is influenced by estrogen, no longer issued, and prolactin secretion occurs by hifopisis.
This hormone causes the alveoli - mammary gland alveoli filled with milk, but to remove, that required reflex that causes contractions of cells - the cells that surround the alveoli and mioefitel small duct glands. This reflex occurs when a baby nursing. If the baby is not suckling properly, or if not emptied completely, then place the dam's milk which is an early occurrence of mastitis and if doesn't get a good handle, it will give rise to an abscess.
Mastitis can also caused by breasts that are not cared for properly, resulting cracked in nipples which is a port of Staphylococcal aureus bacteria, and if it not treat with right, then it will lead to an abscess.

Symptom of Breast infections
a. Swelling, pain
b. Redness of the breast
c. hard breasts
d. fever
e. Infection occurs 1-3 weeks postpartum

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