Monday, April 20, 2009

GSG-9 der Bundespolizei
German Special Police

Prabowo Subianto (Indonesia President Candidat) been ‘Counter Terorist Course Gsg-9’ in German and ‘Special Forces Officer Course, Fort Benning’, US pada 1981. His friend talk, he has been get excelent essay value when he on Green Berret. He's been selection comander for Den-81 in Indonesia special forces (KOPASUS) on 1982, under GSG-9 assistant, to counter plant hijacked.

Firs time, GSG-9 is Grenzschutzgruppe 9, line special forces, now is been special contra terrorist forces.

GSG-9 no longer handles terrorist situations outside of Germany. They are now more akin to the U.S. FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) in that they respond only to terrorist situations with Germany's borders

GSG-9 was formed as a direct result of the inept response of German police to actions of Black September terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Following the end of World War Two, German authorities had been apprehensive about creating an elite military unit for any purpose. This, in addition to the desire to demonstrate to the world that Germany was no longer the fearsome entity it once was, caused planners to establish security that was as low-profile as possible. As a result, the terrorists were able to penetrate the Olympic compound, murder two athletes and take nine others hostage. The incident took an even worse turn when the on scene commander ordered his men to fire on the terrorists who were preparing to board two helicopters to effect their escape. Poor marksmanship, coupled with a number of snipers who refused to fire, led to the least desirable outcome - an open gun battle. When the smoke cleared on the Furstenfeldbruck military airfield, the nine remaining hostages and terrorists were dead. After this, the Germans vowed they would not be taken by surprise again and authorized the creation of a counterterrorist unit which was deemed operational in April 1973 - only six months after the incident at Munich. The only stipulation was that GSG-9 would be manned and controlled not by the military, but by the Federal Border Police Force (Bundesgrenzschutz) instead. One benefit that membership in the Federal Border Police provides to German government CT efforts is that these highly skilled operators can also conduct long-term infiltration of terrorist groups, which increases the potential for foiling any illegal act before it happens, rather than simply reacting after the fact.

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