Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pyramid in Indonesia? Fact or duping

In time backward rumors of a foundation that is engaged in the preservation of different cultural heritage and archeology. Turangga Seta, that's the name of the foundation that is active in conducting research to the site of a symmetrical stone building that resembles the famous pyramids in Egypt Region.
Sadahurip Hill, Garut, Indonesia
Turangga Seta do some research using Georadar method to investigate the density of rock beneath the soil surface. Some mountain areas in West Java became the focus of the investigation. this is based on several reasons including the physical form of a mountain or hill that visually resembles a pyramid has a symmetrical shape. Apart from the visual form, also supported the search results a few archaeological sites around the mountains and the site search from multiple locations.
Lalakon mountain in ​​Bandung and Mount Sadahurip in Garut is part of the mountain / hill that investigated using georadar and the results are quite surprising to some, is no exception of high officials at the State Palace, Jakarta.
Excavation to get a sample has also been done at some point in the mountain regions concerned. At a depth about 4 meters below the ground surface was found a kind of symmetrical form of pyramid-shaped lid that allegedly is the peak of the pyramid.

From some posts on Turangga Seta, and written in rough conclusion can be drawn that there is man-made structure buried deep in the mountains that became the focus of the research Turangga Seta. Government of Indonesia is expected to be willing and able to support the youth of the nation to reveal the truth of the various research that has been done of the nation, it is not enough to just chattered and boasted with nithing.

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